Ralf Schmaelzle

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Ph.D. University of Konstanz, Germany
Diploma University of Konstanz, Germany
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, College of Communication Arts & Sciences, Michigan State University, USA (2016-)

PI of Neuroscience of Messages Lab
Co-Director of Center for Avatar Research and Immersive Social Media Applications
Member of Neuroscience and Cognitive Science programs.
Postdoctoral Researcher, Communication Neuroscience Lab, Annenberg School for Communication & Penn Complex Systems Group, Penn School of Engineering; Fellow, Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, USA (2015-2016)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Schupp Lab,  Department of Psychology, University of Konstanz, Germany (2009-2014)
Predoctoral fellow, Schupp Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Konstanz, Germany (2005-2009)
Laboratory Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Konstanz, Germany (2001-2005)

The Network: Collaborators across disciplines
Over the years, I have been lucky to work with and learn from many amazing people from different fields, such as Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience, Health Psychology, Communication Science, Dynamic Networks, Real-World Neuroimaging, and others
Here is a list of people:

Harald Schupp, General and Biological Psychology, University of Konstanz
Emily Falk, Communication Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania
Britta Renner, Health Psychology and Psychological Assessment, University of Konstanz
Uri Hasson, Cognitive Neuroscience, Princeton University
Danielle Bassett, Dynamic Systems/Network Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania

Friends and colleagues
Alex Barth, U Konstanz
Gary Bente
Chris Becker, U Konstanz
Florian Bublatzky, U Mannheim
Clare Grall
Nicole Cooper, U Penn
Jason Coronel, U Penn/OSU
Allison Eden
Tobias Flaisch, U Konstanz
Frank Häcker, U Konstanz
Freda-Marie Hartung, U Konstanz/HS Rhein-Waal
Jennifer Henrichsen, U Penn
Christopher Honey, U Toronto
Richard Huskey
Martin Imhof, U Konstanz
Yoona Kang, U Penn
Ursula Kirmse, U Konstanz
Elissa Kranzler, U Penn
Kirsten Lochbuehler, U Penn
Dar Meshi
Matt O’Donnell, U Penn
Rui Pei, U Penn
Theresa Pegors, U Penn
Ron Tamborini

Selected Achievements and Awards

2020 NCA Top Paper Awards, National Communication Association (Social Cognition Division)
2017-2020 ICA Top Paper Awards, International Communication Association, Information Systems, Communication Science & Biology
2013 Positionsreferat “Schnell und unmittelbar: Intuitive Risikowahrnehmung und -kommunikation aus einer neurowissenschaftlichen Perspektive”, DGPS (German Psychological Society) Annual Meeting, Bochum, Germany
2011 Associated fellow, Zukunftskolleg Uni Konstanz (Mentorship-Programme)
2010 Visiting Researcher, Hasson Lab, Princeton University, USA
2010 Lienert-Fellowship
2009 Schmieder-Foundation Prize for Advances in Research on Neurological Rehabiliation
2009 Tursky-Award of the Society for Psychophysiological Research
2005 VEUK-Award for best Psychology Diploma

Married to Dr. Raphaela Schlicht-Schmälzle (researcher, educational entrepreneur and reformer)
Two kids (*2012, *2013).
Skills and Languages

I speak German, English, and have expert knowledge in languages Latin and (ancient) Greek, which are considered dead languages, yet nevertheless continue to be useful tools for communication and comprehension.

I am a convinced pythonista, a convert from Matlab. I also have basic skills in html, some VB, and JS.

I am using a Mac, some PC, but I wished I were a Linux user and I flirt with this system about once per year.

I have a minor in stats and basic skills in machine learning, including the so-called deep versions. I know what AI is and try to apply it in my work (using e.g. keras, tf, and other tools for vision and NLP analytics), but as a psychologist by training I also understand very well what skills current AI is lacking to deserve the “I”.